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Foundation Scholarship

The Delta Upsilon Foundation Scholarship
The Delta Upsilon Scholarship is open to any incoming Freshman Males.

The Delta Upsilon Foundation Scholarship

The Foundation Scholarship rewards two deserving young men with a $250 scholarship. It is open to all males and joining the Delta Upsilon fraternity is not required to be eligible to win.
The four principles that Delta Upsilon was founded upon serve as a strong foundation for any student.  Those principles are Friendship, Character, Culture, and Justice.  Through experiences and activities, students gain friends, build character, learn of other ideas and cultures, and must be just in their actions. 
Having a strong foundation is important for students to succeed in both school and after they graduate.  A strong foundation is built through experiences and learning from those experiences.  To get the scholarship, the student must show that he has built himself a strong foundation for the future. 

To be eligible for the scholarship, please provide the following information:
•    List of school activities
•    List of extracurricular activities
•    List of awards, honors, and positions held
•    Contact information including your email address and home and school phone numbers or any other reliable way to reach you

Please answer the following questions (length should be anywhere from one paragraph to two pages.  The answers will be judged solely on content, not length):
1)  What experience have you had that has laid a foundation for your school and your future?
2)  What are your plans for college to help you build a foundation for your future?

For any questions, please contact foundationscholarship[at]

Mail all applications to:
The Delta Upsilon Foundation Scholarship
c/o: Arlber Chang
11909 Carlton Rd.
Cleveland, OH 44106

Be sure to include contact information.

For more information, head to

All applications must be postmarked no later than August 20th, 2009.

Interviews will be held August 24th through September 4th.  The scholarship will be presented at a ceremony the following week. 

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